First aid doctor|Episode 18|Emergency medical doctors treat patients' urban medical drama

First aid doctor|Episode 18|Emergency medical doctors treat patients' urban medical drama

劉凱 Liu Kai四號床病歷寫好了嗎 You finish No.4’s record?快了 Almost寫完了趕緊發我郵箱 Send it to my email once finished放心吧 Ok你幹活啊 我最放心 I never worried your job就這批實習的大夫裏 Among those intern doctors你最靠譜 You』re the best是嗎 Am I?那你還不 Then why在何主任那兒幫我說一下 Didn』t you say some nice words to Chief He我實習完了留在那兒 So I stay here after internship我哪有那麼大本事 I dare not speak跟何主任說情啊 This with Chief He他哪能在乎我的話呀 He won』t care my words不過 But說說你的好話我是會的 I』ll say some nice words for you謝謝喬姐 Thanks, Sister Qiao劉凱 Liu Kai你怎麼那麼想進咱們急診啊 Why you want to work here so much?
一開始不想 I didn』t in the beginning但是反正越幹越喜歡 But the longer I work here, the more I want to stay因為我覺得能救人 Because I think saving people看著這些患者 Watching these patients在我們手上起死回生 Come back to life in our hands我覺得這輩子沒白活 My life is not in vain挺值的 It’s worth living其實我也沒什麼理想 Actually I don』t have dreams也不想升官發財什麼的 I want no money or fame反正就像何主任跟江主任那樣 I just wanna be like Chief He and Chief Jiang能好好做一個醫生就行了 Do a good job as doctors也不枉爸媽呀 My parents』 sweat麵朝黃土背朝天地供我讀書 For supporting me in school is worth it你知道我妹妹因為我讀書 You know my sister quitted school她也輟學了 Because of me幫著爸媽一起供我 Helping my parents support me所以我覺得 So I think我怎麼著也應該報答他們 I should reward them whatever happens好好幹 Do your job well當初在醫學院 When I was in med school就想當一名好大夫 I wanted to be a good doctor現在我爸媽也因為我是大夫 Now my parents are proud of me特驕傲呢 For my career我在我們村也是名人哪 I』m also a celebrity in my hometown喬姐 我給你發過去了啊 Sister Qiao, just sent you the record你查收一下 Have a check你知道我回老家呀 You know when I get back home鄉親們都找我看病 The villagers all come to see me因為我們村窮鄉僻壤的 Because our village is quite remote大醫院特別遠 Far away from hospitals而且有的都看不起病 And someone’s just not afford to see a doctor所以都來找我 So they come to me真好 It’s nice好好幹啊 Do a good job餵 誰呀 Hello? Who is that?哥 Brother你出來一下 Come out我有急事找你 I got something with you你終於聯繫我了 Finally you contact me你在哪兒呢 Where are you?我就在你們醫院大門口呢 At the gate of your hospital你快出來吧 Come out我等你 Wait for you老闆 Boss來個煎餅 A pancake喬姐 你 你收著了吧 Sister Qiao, you received it?
收到了 Yes成 那我出去一下 Ok, I need go out哥 Brother哥 Brother你什麼時候來的 When you came here?來了怎麼現在才找我 Why come to me now?問你呢 I』m asking you哥 Brother你吃不 Do you want it?你現在住哪兒啊 Where you live now?
不是 你到底來幹嗎來了 What you doing here?問你話呢 I』m asking you哥 Brother救我 Help me救救我 Help me江主任 Chief Jiang下班 Got off work?晚上有事嗎 Got appointment tonight?你有事啊 You got something?
你要沒什麼事 If nothing晚上請你吃飯 I』ll treat you for dinner你不是老說 You always say沒吃過我請的飯嗎 I never treated you雷厲風行啊你 You』re an actor擇日不如撞日 Today is the best day早請早安生 I』ll be relieved要不然每次見著你 Otherwise every time I see you都覺著挺愧疚的 I feel guilty那我就為了避免你愧疚 Ok, I』ll say yes in case勉為其難答應你邀請 You feel guilty想吃什麼 What would you like eat?火鍋 Hot pot愛吃辣的 Love spicy food?主要今天心情不好 Bad mood today必須刺激一下 Need food to excite me對我胃口 Great for me上我車吧 Get in my car我車在那邊停著呢 My bike is parking over there怎麼辦 What to do?放那兒吧 Leave it there我明天早班 I have early shift tomorrow吃完飯我送你回家 I』ll drive you home after dinner明兒上班呢 What about tomorrow?
我再到家裏接你 I』ll pick you up這待遇行嗎 How it sounds?特別好 院長級別的 Great!暉衛製藥邀請你參加發佈會啊 Huiwei Pharmacy invites you to their news conference去嗎 Will you go?不去 No我也收到邀請函了 I got the invitation too你去嗎 Are you going?
不想去 Don』t feel like to強強 Qiangqiang媽媽 Mom強強媽媽 Qiangqiang Mom下次您早一點來接孩子 Please pick him earlier next time這孩子都等著急了 He got anxious waiting for you好 對不起 Ok, sorry老師再見 Bye強強再見 Bye Qiangqiang怎麼了 強強 不高興啦 What makes you upset, Qiangqiang?老師批評你了嗎 The teacher criticized you?沒有 No那怎麼了 Then what媽媽 你又來晚了 Mom, you』re late again班上隻剩我一個人了 I was the only one left in my class對不起 Sorry媽媽科裏麵忙 Mom is busy剛忙完我就跑過來了 I rushed to you when I just finished媽媽 Mom爸爸是不是不要我了 Dad doesn』t want me, does he?他騙人 He’s a liar他說過永遠他都不會不要我的 He said he would never abandon me爸爸他騙人 He lied to me爸爸不會不要你的 Your dad would never abandon you他 He他出去忙一段時間 He’s out for work他會回來接你的 He will pick you up他不會了 He won』t他原來跟我說 He told me他跟你離婚 When he gets divorced with you走的時候會帶上我的 He will take me with him可都沒帶上我 But he didn』t你爸爸早跟你說過 Your dad already told you要跟我離婚 He wanted to get divorced說過很多次 Many times可都沒跟你離 But he didn』t我以為 I thought他就是問我願不願意跟他走 He just wanted to know if I』m willing to go with him我就每次都說願意 So I said yes every time媽媽 我不想你們離婚 Mom, I don』t want you get divorced我們班上好多同學的爸爸媽媽 I have many classmates, their parents他們都離婚了 Get divorced而且他們還組成了一個團體 They make a team什麼團體 What team?
單親團 Single-parent team他們老是欺負 They always bully那些爸爸媽媽沒離婚的同學 Those students whose parents not divorced我不想參加他們的團體 I don』t want to join them強強 Qiangqiang爸爸媽媽沒離婚呢 We』re not divorced yet你不算單親 You』re no single-parent kid真的 Really?真的 Really你知道嗎 You know離婚是要辦法律手續的 We need go through some legal procedure to get divorced我跟你爸爸並沒有辦手續啊 But we haven』t done that你爸爸呢 Your dad就是在外麵住一段時間 Just wants to live out for a while他會回來的 He will be back你不騙人 You didn』t lie?媽媽什麼時候騙過你 When mom lied to you?媽媽 Mom其實我挺喜歡你的 Actually I quite like you就是有點怕你 I』m just a bit scared of you因為你老是拉著臉 Because you』re always mad兒子 對不起 Sorry, son媽媽一定改 I』ll change it我以後再也不拉臉了 Never get mad at you我會經常對你笑的 I』ll always smile at you好不好 All right?
媽媽 我要吃必勝客 Mom, I want to eat pizza好 必勝客 Ok, let’s go Pizza Hut好久都沒吃這麼爽了 Never got so content at eating我也是 Me too喝瓶啤酒嗎 Wanna drink beer?一會兒誰開車啊 Who drives later?找代駕呀 Find a substitute driver服務員 Waiter上兩瓶啤酒 Two bottles of beer服務員 Waiter看這架勢還挺能喝是吧 Looks you can drink a lot肝臟好啊 I have good liver乙醇脫氫酶 ADH乙醛脫氫酶數量足夠 Enough ADH那也不能忽略了 But you can ignore胃和胰腺的功能 The function of stomach and pancreas不能忽略了酒精對它們的傷害 And the harm of alcohol to them有的時候 Sometimes為了追求神經的刺激 For nerve stimulation和精神上的愉悅感 And spiritual pleasure臟器可以做出一點犧牲 The organs can make some sacrifice怎麽喝 How you wanna drink it?幹了唄 Drink it up來 乾杯 Ok, cheers幹 Cheers爽 Cool怎麼不接電話啊 Why not pick it up?
前男友打的 It’s my ex-boyfriend不知道說什麼 Don』t know what to say聽你這口氣 Seems挺無奈的啊 You had difficulties人心複雜 Human heart is complex有的時候 Sometimes別人隻能看到冰山的一角 You can only see a tip of the iceberg這個贊同 Agreed來 Come跟我聊聊你這冰山的全貌唄 Tell me about the overall iceberg of you你幹了這杯我就跟你講 Drink it up I』ll tell you聊吧 Go ahead找我有什麼事 What you look me for?媽 Mom我覺得您明天發佈會的發言稿 I think your speech draft got有點言過其詞了吧 A bit exaggerated新聞發佈會 News conference做宣傳用的 Is only for promotion我總不能在台上念說明書吧 I can』t just read the instruction book there我這兒子讀書讀傻了 You get dumb after school曉琪和你有聯繫嗎 Did Sami contact you?我不是跟您說了嗎 I told you我們已經分手了 We』ve broken up怎麼說分就分呀 I thought you just saying年輕人這麼做也太草率了吧 You』re too hasty on this你們在一起這麼多年 You』re together for so many years曉琪也太絕情了 Sami is ruthless您也別怪她 Don』t blame her她沒錯 She did nothing wrong她沒錯 She did nothing wrong?你什麼意思啊 What do you mean?
我有錯 I』m wrong我不是說您有錯 I didn』t mean you』re wrong是我理解她 I understand her李叔叔的失蹤 Uncle Lee’s missing太讓人懷疑了 Is suspicious你也懷疑我 You suspect me too?宇寧 Yuning你太讓我失望了 You disappointed me我一個人把你帶大 I brought you up a lone送你到美國讀書 Sent you study in America為了你的事業 For your career我又出資做了實驗室 I financed a laboratory你怎麼可以這樣對我 How could you do this to me?媽 Mom我是信任您的 I trust you在曉琪麵前 我一直維護您 I always defended you in front of Sami要不然她也不會跟我分手 Otherwise she won』t break up with me沒想到你身世這麼可憐 Never expected you got such miserable experience現在能這麼優秀 But it’s no easy真不容易 To be so outstanding我也就是憋了口氣 I』ve just made an oath我救不了自己的父母 If I couldn』t save my parents我希望能救更多的人 I wish I can save more other people特別想知道 I really want to know你真的想知道真相啊 You really want to know the truth?我其實特別矛盾 I』m a paradox actually如果真的像我想像的那樣 If the truth is really what I thought我該怎麼去做 What should I do?
我父母去世以後 After my parents died阿姨供我讀書 My aunt supported me一直照顧我 Looked after me就像我親媽一樣 Like my own mother我也不願意去懷疑她 I don』t want to suspect her但另外一方麵 But on the other hand我 我真的很想知道 I… I really wanna know我父母死的真相 How my parents died如果那天阿姨真的在場 If aunt was there indeed她沒有救我父母 She didn』t save my parents別 別再想了 Stop thinking it特別能理解你的心情 I understand what you feel真相總會浮出水麵 The truth will come out eventually你也別過於糾結 Don』t get hard on yourself來 Come放下一切 喝酒 Put everything aside, drink不喝了 再喝醉了 No more drinks, I』ll be drunk醉就醉唄 It’s no big deal醉一次挺好 It feels good to be drunk我就特想醉一次 I really want to be drunk for one time老醒著挺累 It’s tried to be sober all the time現在我每一天都盼著周末 Now I wish weekends come earlier everyday想去騎自行車啊 Wanna ride a bike?喜歡上這項運動了 Fallen in love with this exercise?運動的形式並不重要 It doesn』t matter how to exercise重要的是 What matters is跟誰在一起運動 Whom to exercise with騎自行車 To ride a bike with我不是特別煩人嗎 Don』t you think I』m annoying?對 我也覺得奇怪 Yeah, it’s strange你說這麼煩人 You』re so annoying怎麼總愛這麼招人呢 But why you like screwing around people我先喝一個 I』ll drink it up我給自己續上 I』ll pour it full謝謝你啊 肯收留我妹妹 Thank you for taking in my sister說什麼呢 What you』re saying你總不能讓你妹妹睡大街去吧 You can』t just let her sleep on the street那我怎麼跟你合作 How can I cooperate with you合作是合作 一碼歸一碼 Cooperation is another thing別說 你寫得還真的不錯 Seriously, you』re a good writer出版社的人特別感興趣 The publisher is quite interested是嗎 Isn』t it?
要不是你起的頭 If wasn』t you我都不知道我能寫小說 I don』t know I can write novels網上有人看嗎 Did anyone read it?點擊率非常高 A lot of hits幸虧是你加入了 Thanks to your joining而且還有人說 Someone wants要拍成微電影 To make it a micro film拍電影啊 Film?那挺好的 Sounds good對了 Oh第三章我已經改完了 I』ve finished Chapter Three發到你郵箱了 Sent to your mailbox你抓緊時間看啊 Hurry up and check it我最近有點忙 I got busy recently你趕快看 Come on萬一出版社感興趣 What if the publisher got interested別讓我白忙活了 Don』t let me work in vain看 Ok I』ll check it那我先走了啊 I』ll go now好 去吧 Ok謝謝啊 Thanks把門鎖了啊 Lock the door你還是把衣服穿上 You better put it on要不一會兒出去涼著了 You could catch a cold包給我 Give me your bag待會兒想吃什麼 What you want to eat毛肚 Cattle stomach爸 Dad這麼巧啊 What a coincidence怎麼這麼晚來吃飯啊 You have dinner so late我和我媽來吃個夜宵 We』re having midnight snack給你們介紹一下 Let me introduce you我們科室新來的江主任 This is Chief Jiang, new comer in our department你好 Hi我前妻梅婧婭梅律師 My ex-wife, Lawyer Mei Jingya早就聽說急診室 I heard long ago that來了一個才貌雙全的 You got a beautiful Harvard doctor美國名校生 In your department幸會啊 Nice to meet you幸會 過獎了 I』m flattered怎麼穿這麼少出門啊 Why you wear so little沒事 It’s ok我閨女 梅梅 My daughter, Meimei你好 梅梅 Hello, Meimei在美國讀書 Study in America?哪個州 Which city?
洛杉磯 LA好地方 Nice place我也是這麼認為的 So I think所以我打算等手頭上案子結了 So I』m gonna go America with Jianyi就跟建一一塊去美國 After this case is settled跟女兒一起生活 To live with my daughter趕快進去吃飯吧 Go in have meal別餓著 Don』t get starved要爸爸幫你點菜嗎 You want dad to order for you沒事 我和我媽一起進去就行 It’s ok, I』ll just go in with my mom建一啊 Jianyi找個時間我們一家三口吃個飯 Let’s have dinner someday, three of us到時候再約 We discuss later走吧 梅梅 Let’s go, Meimei再見啊 Bye拜拜 Bye拜拜 爸 Bye, dad拜拜 江主任 Bye, Chief Jiang走吧 Go代駕到了吧 The driver must be here應該在 Should be師傅 把空調打開一下 Turn on the conditioner, sir沒喝多吧 You ok?沒事 還清醒 Not drunk梅律師啊 Lawyer Mei我前妻 My ex-wife最大的問題就是自以為是 Her biggest problem is self-approbation總想控製所有人 Wanna control everyone本來大家一起出去吃飯 Even if we go out to eat誰想吃什麼菜 She always decides她都要去給人做決定 What the others want to eat有這麼一個人挺好的 It’s good to have someone like her省著自己操心了 No need to worry it yourself可我不想去美國 But I don』t want to go to America美國挺好的啊 America is good洛杉磯也挺適合養老的 LA is a good place for elders我老了嗎 Am I old?遲早要老的 Sooner or later我這會兒還覺得 But I think自己年富力強呢 I』m still young and vigorous至少在急診科 At least in ED我還要幹上二十年 I can work for two more decades剛知道自己生病的時候 Are you afraid when you just是不是特別害怕 Came to know you』re sick?還真是 Yes那會兒覺著自己職業生涯 I thought my career is要斷送了 At an end幸虧遇上你了 But luckily I met you我這心裏算是有底了 I got confident again那我是不是應該感到驕傲啊 Should I be proud for this?
你這麼優秀的急診醫生 An excellent ER doctor like you都要依賴我 Is so reliable on me你本來就很驕傲 You』re already pound也許我就是一個喜歡自傲的人 Maybe I』m just a person enjoying being proud of myself你是靠驕傲 You live支撐自己生活下去的人 Counting on your pride別怕 Don』t be scared有我呢 You got me你治我的病 You cure me我治你的病 I cure you咱倆也算是相依為命了 We』re kind of helping each other in difficulties說這話挺不要臉的是吧 Am I being shameless?特別的 Yes, you are喝多了 別在意 Never mind, I drank too much你怎麼不吃啊 Why don』t you eat?吃你的 我不餓呢 I』m not hungry怎麼 What?看見我爸和別的女的在一起 Feeling uncomfortable seeing my dad心裏不舒服了吧 With another woman?
我跟你爸離婚了 I』m divorced with your dad他跟什麼人在一起 Whoever he’s with跟我一點關係都沒有 It’s nothing to do with me還說沒關係 Nothing?那你剛剛乾嗎 Then why you當著人家江主任的麵 Mentioned going to America with my dad非說要和我爸一起去美國呀 In front of Chief Jiang?我就這麼想的 That’s what I think你是這麼想的 That’s what you think那人家我爸是這麼想的嗎 You know what my dad thinks?你和他商量過嗎 You ever discussed with him?
他同意了嗎 Did he agree?你就像事實一樣說了出來 You said it like something already happened丫頭 Little girl你現在說話 You』re怎麼越來越刻薄了呢 Becoming so mean to me還不是隨你 Inherited from you給媽倒茶 Pour me a cup of tea人家江主任呀 Chief Jiang和我爸一起出來吃飯 And my dad eat together人家是同事 Because they』re colleagues又沒什麼的 It’s no big deal他們前些天 Days ago還一起騎自行車來著 They rode a bike together你知道嗎 You know?她不是才調過來的嗎 But she just got here?怎麼就這麼熟了呀 Why they』re so close我看她挺年輕的 I can see she’s quite young應該比我大不了幾歲吧 Only a few years older than me這麼年輕 But she’s就已經是副主任醫師了 Already associate chief doctor now這智商不一般哪 Must got a high IQ媽 行啦 Mom, stop it你可別多想了 Don』t think too much來 Come吃 Eat我不要 No大不了明天你問問我爸 Tomorrow you can ask my dad問清楚不就完了嗎 You』ll know everything明天你問 You ask him tomorrow憑什麼我問呀 Why me?
我又無所謂 I don』t care人家都說 Someone says這女兒是媽媽的小棉襖 The daughter is like a warm jacket of her mom你看看你 Look at you背心都不如 No better than a vest還有人說 Someone also says女兒是爸爸上輩子的小情人 The daughter is her dad’s lover in last life那小情人總比棉襖好吧 Lover is better than a jacket你過來 Come over讓我咬你一口 I want to bite you謝謝你送我回來 Thank you for driving me home回去早點休息 Have a good rest別跟我這麼客氣了 Don』t be so courteous明兒早上我來接你上班 Tomorrow morning I』ll pick you up晚安 Good night晚安 Sleep tight明兒早上準時我來接你啊 I』ll pick you up on time我一定來 I will come有人接的感覺真不錯啊 Feels good to have someone to pick me up不錯啊 Does it?那以後每天就是早接晚送 Then I』ll pick you up everyday那怎麼行 你工作那麼忙 No, you』re too busy真要受寵若驚了 I』ll feel extremely flattered受寵的感覺好吧 How does it feel to be flattered?特別好 Great可是我也不能老使喚你啊 But I can』t always order you about對不對 Right這老來我家多麻煩 It’s troublesome to come to my home你的意思是 You mean別再這麼來回跑 We don』t need to travel back and force那每天咱們就 Just between你家 醫院 Your home and hospital醫院 你家 Hospital and your home就不麻煩了 Then no troubles anymore或者我家 醫院 Or my home and hospital醫院 我家 Hospital and my home我怎麼聽著那麼流氓呢 It sounds so dirty to me流氓嗎 Does it?我一直覺著自己挺正經的 I always thought I』m a serious man裝的唄 You were pretending要不怎麼會有 Otherwise there would be no衣冠禽獸這四個字 Beast in human attire就喜歡跟聰明人逗悶子 I like talking with smart woman你前妻也挺聰明的 Your ex-wife is smart too確實 Yes就是因為她太聰明了 I fell in love with her我才追的她 Because she’s smart可誰知道她聰明還夾帶著暴力 But who knows she’s more violent than smart這可就受不了了 I can』t stand that我也暴力 I』m violent too你小心點啊 You better watch it那也許這就是命 Maybe this is fate命中注定 I』m doomed有此一劫 To suffer this那我這是剛出狼窩了 I』ve just escaped from a wolf又進了虎穴啊 Now run into a tiger自作多情吧你 You flatter yourself!
老虎還不一定請你進窩呢 The tiger might not have the appetite for you這老虎還挺矜持的 This tiger is so quite reserved老虎吃素的 She’s a vegetarian那是因為它沒吃過肉 That’s because she never had meat唐僧肉讓我嘗嘗 Let me try some Tang Monk’s meat?你還這麼色情 You』re flirty何主任早 Morning, Chief He老大 Boss你們兩個怎麼一塊來的 Why you come together我 我車昨天留在這兒 My bike was left here沒騎回去 Didn』t ride it back那個何主任順路把我帶過來 Chief He gave me a lift沒騎自行車我也可以去接你啊 I can go pick you up if your bike is here不對啊 No你今兒不是休班嗎 You』re off duty today我那個 I…我那個東西落這兒了 I left something here你們聊著 我上班去了 You keep talking, I』ll go to work得嘞 Ok你嘴怎那麼欠呢你 You』re so geeky我說錯什麼了 What I said wrong我上不上班跟你有什麼關係啊 It’s none of your business if I work or not可是我 But I看見你今天來 又休班 I saw you today, but I know you』re off duty這也是事實啊 I』m telling the truth你去哪兒啊 Where you going?騎車回家 Ride back home你不是落東西了嗎 Didn』t you leave something here?管得著嗎你 None of your business何主任早 Morning, Chief He-早 -何主任早 -Morning –Morning Chief He-好 -何主任早 -Hi –Morning, Chief He早啊 林護士 Morning, Nurse Lin我不會幻聽吧 My ears got some problem看來何主任今天的心情 Seems Chief He is in那是相當好啊 Good mood today看起來不錯啊 Quite good而且穿得也挺帥的是吧 Also looks great in that suite帥 Handsome什麼情況啊 What happened?
歡迎各位媒體朋友們 Media friends, welcome來到我們暉衛製藥 To Huiwei Pharmacy’s新型溶栓劑產品發佈會 New thrombolytics launch conference下麵有請我們暉衛製藥董事長 Let’s welcome our Chairman鄭嵐女士致辭 Ms Zheng Lan to give a speech感謝大家出席 Thank you all for attending溶栓劑正式上市新聞發佈會 Thrombolytics official listing press conference溶栓劑的研製成功 The successful development of thrombolytics不僅是我們暉衛製藥的驕傲 Is not only the pride of Huiwei Pharmacy更是中國製藥的驕傲 But the pride of Chinese pharmaceutical industry它經過了漫長嚴謹的 It goes in the market臨床試驗階段後上市的 After a long and rigorous clinical trial在此 Here我代表暉衛製藥 On behalf of Huiwei Pharmacy感謝秦宇寧實驗室的 My gratitude to all scientists in全體科學家 Qin Yuning Laboratory感謝臨床的醫生及患者們 Clinical doctors and patients同時也要感謝 And今天到場的各大媒體朋友們 All media friends here謝謝大家 Thank you這是世界 This is an important milestone醫療史上的重要裏程碑 In the world medical history更是全世界 It is also a good news for廣大血栓患者的福音 Patients with thrombosis worldwide海洋哥 Hai Yang新聞 新聞 News, news骨科主任下樓梯的時候玩手機 The orthopedics director fell down the stairs把自己的腿給摔折了 When playing his mobile phone, got his leg broken而且更逗的是 What’s funny is本來已經要辭職的那個副主任 The deputy director who has submitted his resignation知道這事之後 Took it back again把辭呈收回來了 After he knows about this怎麼了你這是 What happened to you?死了 Dead?我失戀了 I broke up你失戀了 Broke up?標配 Good我們老大好像跟何主任好了 Our boss seems in love with Chief He不能夠吧 Can』t be我也希望不能夠 I wish it wasn』t true你還別說 But seriously他們倆挺般配的 They』re well matched重說 Repeat重說個六啊 Repeat my ass你想啊 Think about it他們兩個大神級人物在一起 Does it sound great to讓他們相愛相殺 Have two Godlike people together相互折磨 Love and kill多好 Torture each other省得咱們倆受苦了 It saves us many troubles我也想被折磨 I want to be tortured too你能不能叫她來折磨我 Can you ask her to torture me?
子橋啊 Ziqiao你說那個副主任 Do you think that deputy director他能當上主任嗎 Can be the director?海洋 Hai Yang我今天不掐死你我就不姓王 I』m ganna kill you today起來 起來 起來 Get off me-閨女 -阿姨您好 -Miss – Hi, aunt你好 閨女啊 Hi, Miss我要找王大夫 I look for doctor Wang王大夫 您找哪個王大夫呀 Doctor Wang, which doctor Wang?就是那個個子高高的 He’s tall長得漂漂亮亮的那個小夥子 And pretty是不是眼睛大大的 Got big eyes?對 對 就是他 Yes, it’s him您找的是王子橋大夫 His name is Wang Ziqiao我給您叫他啊 I』ll call him over請王子橋大夫來一下分診台 Ask Doctor Wang Ziqiao to come to the reception好 Ok阿姨 我先扶您過去坐 I』ll take you sit over there他馬上就過來 He will be here soon謝謝你啊 Thank you謝謝 Thanks看見張泠了嗎 You saw Zhang Ling?
這兒 Here阿姨 Aunt你怎麼來了 Why you』re here王大夫 Doctor Wang您 您快坐 您快坐 Sit, sit是不是又難受啦 You feeling uncomfortable again?不 不 No, no先等會兒 阿姨 Wait, aunt張泠 Zhang Ling看看咱們科還有沒有病床 Do you have bed available?趕快給阿姨安排一個 Arrange one for aunt先住下再說 You go ahead王大夫 Doctor Wang我知道 I know你是個好人 You』re a good person你媽媽好福氣啊 Your mom is lucky阿姨 您別這麼說 Aunt, don』t say that給您治病和看病 It’s our duty to是我們醫生和醫護人員的責任 Cure you我今天找你啊 I』m here for you這是我的所有財產 This is all my property我有一個房子 I have an apartment挺大的 Quite big現在出租呢 Rented out這個 Here這是我寫的委託書 This is a letter of authorization公證過的 Notarized我想委託你呀 I want to entrust you幫我把它賣了 To sell it做我的住院費 As my hospitalization fee我要是死了 If I dies你就把剩下的都捐給你們醫院 You donate the left to your hospital那個 那個基金 To that fund你們醫院是有 You got a fund這個基金的不是嗎 In your hospital, right?阿姨 Aunt我們醫院確實有基金不錯 Yes we have a fund但是您這也太貴重了 But this is too much再說了 您還有那麼多孩子 Also, you have so many children您得把房子留給他們才對呀 You should leave the house to them不 No我 我沒有孩子 I have no children好 您別生氣 Ok, don』t get mad阿姨 您別著急啊 Don』t worry您別生氣 Don』t get mad王大夫 Doctor Wang我這輩子啊 I brought up辛辛苦苦地養了四個兒女 Four children in my life我讓他們上學 工作 I sent them to school, work都組成了家庭 Form families退休了我還幫他們帶孩子 I help them with their children after I』m retired可是 But到了末了末了 In the end現在我不行了 When I』m dying你都看到了 You have seen that他們是怎麼樣對我的 How they treat me阿姨 您別生氣 Don』t get angry, aunt您別著急 別著急 Don』t worry我呀 I我想好了 Have made up my mind我呀就住你們醫院 I』ll just live here我從今天開始 From now on沒有孩子 I got no children我就認識你們這些好人 I only know you我知道 I know我活不了多久了 I don』t have much time您別這麼說 阿姨 Don』t say that, aunt可是 But有你們這些好人 I』m not alone這樣熱心地待我 Because I got people我不孤單 Like you我就是走了 Even if I dies我也不孤單 I won』t die alone阿姨 Aunt孩子 Boy好孩子 Good boy您別說了啊 Don』t say it anymore咱們好好治病 We』ll cure you我們一定好好照顧您 We』ll take care of you老方 Lao Fang你嚇我一跳 You scared of me不是 你怎麼在這兒啊 Why you』re here?
我 I我公司一個同事他生病住院了 I have a colleague who is sick, lives here我代表公司過來看看他 I come to check on him on behalf of our company我這正一間屋一間屋子找呢 I』m looking for him room by room找什麼呀 你同事住哪科呀 Which department he’s in?哪 哪科 Which department這就 就這個呀 This department血液科 Hematology我跟你說啊 I』m telling you這個劉慧敏那姑娘住裏頭 Liu Huimin’s daughter lives here是嗎 Isn』t it?我表姐也在 My cousin is here too你跟我進去看看 Go in with me我 不是 我進去幹嗎去 No, what I go in for?我又不認識 I don』t know them莫名其妙的 It’s strange不是 我表姐在呢 But my cousin is there別 No, no我走了啊 I』ll leave你幹嗎呀 慌慌張張的 What’s wrong, why you so anxious我一會兒回公司還有會呢 I have a meeting later你晚上回來吃飯不 Are you ganna come back for dinner?
不回來吃了 No神經病 Psychopath快看看我女兒 Please check my daughter來 上我這兒來 Come here怎麼了 What happened?婚禮上暈倒了 She fainted out at wedding來 慢一點 Come, slowly把車推過來 我給她量個血壓 Get a chart, I』ll take her BP慢點 慢點 慢點 Slowly來 胳膊 Arm早上吃東西了嗎 Ate anything today?吃了一點 吃了一點點 Yes, a little bit怎麼了 What happened殷大夫 Doctor Yin這新娘在婚禮上暈倒了 The bride fainted at wedding血壓 七十 四十 BP 70, 40還挺低的 It’s low送搶救室吧 Send to rescue room行 Ok拿走 來 Take it away走 快 Go, hurry up走走 Go, go還有什麼不舒服嗎 Any uncomfortable?就是頭暈 噁心 Dizzy, nauseous她之前有沒有類似狀況 Did it ever happen to her before?
沒有 你都問過多少遍 No, you』ve asked many times她到底有事沒事 She’s ok or not要沒事給她塞顆糖 Give her a sugar if she’s ok不就低血糖嗎 She just got glucopenia走吧走吧 Go, go咱回婚禮現場吧 Let’s back to the wedding怎麼了 What?她頭暈 She’s dizzy婚禮上突然昏厥 Fainted at wedding懷疑是低血糖 Suspect glucopenia低血糖不吃顆糖就行了嗎 Then just give her a sugar這衣服怎麼這麼緊啊 Why this dress so tight怎麼穿進去的 How you got in?是不是最近一直在節食 Are you in diet recently?誰讓他準備這麼瘦的婚紗 He gave me so small dress不節食怎麼穿得進去呀 How can I get in if I don』t lose weight親愛的 我知道 I know, dear你這都是為了我 You did it for me親愛的 Darling我也知道你是因為愛我 I know you love me想讓我做最美的新娘 You want me to be the most beautiful bride要不你先回去吧 How about you go back別讓客人都等著 Don』t keep the guests waiting咱們兩個人不能都不在呀 But one of us should be there對 你先回去 Yeah, you go back讓他們好好吃 慢慢喝 Ask them eat slowly, drink well江主任 化驗結果出來了 Chief Jiang, the result is here我輸完液就回去 I』ll go back after transfusion我走了 I』m leaving你一個人能行嗎 Can you do this?
有咱媽在呢 Mom’s here血鉀這麼高 Potassium too high血鉀這麼高做個心電圖吧 Take an ECG我懷疑心臟也有問題 I suspect heart problem我覺得可能不是 I don』t think it’s減肥引起的低血糖 Glucopenia caused by losing weight腎可能有問題 Might be kidney problem檢查一下 Check it好 做個心電圖 Ok, take an ECG-好 -我會想你的 -OK –I』ll miss you行了 Ok你好 Hi我可能要把你的衣服脫一下 I need to take off your dress做一個檢查 To take an exam好嗎 Ok?不行 不行 No她的衣服不能脫啊 You can』t take off her dress我這婚紗不能動 You can』t touch my dress妝也不能動 And make-up對 Right你衣服不脫的話我沒辦法檢查 But I can』t check on you if I don』t可我還得回去參加婚禮呢 I need go back for the wedding是啊 Yeah媽 Mom把鏡子拿來 Give me the mirror我還得補補妝 I need fix my make-up好好 Ok我們這婚禮剛舉行一半 The wedding is not finished她還得回去呢 She needs go back來 夾一下 Ok, clip it大夫 我真的沒事 Doctor, I』m really ok你給我輸點液就行 Just give me a transfusion我覺得你應該配合一下我們 I think you should cooperate好嗎 All right?這怎麼了這個 What happened?糟了 室顫 No, VF大夫 Doctor-除顫儀 -快救命 -Defibrillator –Help her怎麼了這是 What’s wrong聽到我說話了嗎 You hear me?
怎麼了 What happened?救命啊 Help her剪子 Scissors好 Ok大夫 她怎麼了她這是 Doctor, what happened to her-江主任 -來 家屬讓開 -Chief Jiang – Come, move來 家屬迴避一下 Family please get out謝謝 Thanks出去一下 出去一下 Get out兩百焦充電完畢 200 J charge over準備除顫 Prepare to defib閃開 Clear下麵我教大家一個 I will teach you one癲癇病發作的搶救方法 Rescue method for seizures有發作病史的患者 Patient with a history of seizure應及時告知家屬或周圍人 Should inform family members or people around you in time可儘快將患者扶至床上 Lift the patient to the bed as soon as possible也可以順勢使其躺倒 Or put him lie down on the ground防止意識突然喪失而跌傷 In case of sudden loss of consciousness and fall迅速移開周圍硬物 銳器 Quickly remove the surrounding hard objects減少發作時對身體的傷害 To reduce damage to the body during the attack迅速鬆開患者衣領 Quickly loosen the patient's collar使其頭轉向一側 Turn his head to one side保持呼吸道通暢 Keep the airway open不要向患者口中塞任何東西 Don't stuff anything into the patient's mouth不要灌藥 防止窒息 Do not feed him with medicine to prevent suffocation抽搐發作時 When convulsion occurs患者牙關緊閉 Patient's jaw is closed要注意咬傷舌頭的可能 Pay attention not let him bite his tongue不要在患者抽搐期間 Do not press the patient's limbs強製性按壓患者的四肢 During convulsion過分用力 Excessive force可造成骨折和肌肉拉傷 May cause fractures and muscle strains增加患者的痛苦 Making patient suffering癲癇發作一般在五分鐘之內 Seizure usually relieves itself都可自行緩解 Within five minutes如果連續發作或頻繁發作 If there it keeps attack or attacks frequently一次發作時間 And the attacking time持續五至十分鐘以上 Lasts five to ten minutes or more要及時將患者 Send the patient to the hospital in time送到醫院繼續搶救 For continuous rescue[music] 原以為人生故事平淡 I thought that life is full of dull stories[music] 誰知轉眼風雲突變 Who knows it suddenly brings surprises[music] 昨天已成為過眼雲煙 What’s just passed is yesterday[music] 明天為何如此遙遠 Why is tomorrow so far away?[music] 原以為人生路途遙遠 I thought that life is a long journey[music] 誰知盡頭已在眼前 Who knows the end is here already[music] 恩怨情仇就此了斷 Grievance and hatred, let it end[music] 生死離別不忍說再見 Life and death, say goodbye[music] 今天的分分秒秒 Every minute today[music] 都是對生命最嚴酷的考驗 Is a test of life[music] 今天的相依相伴 Your companions today[music] 都是對生命最深情的眷戀 Are your most affectionate devotion to life[music] 用愛的名義發一個誓言 Make an oath in the name of love[music] 永不放棄 愛的信念 Never give up your belief in love[music] 用愛的名義發一個誓言 Make an oath in the name of love[music] 永不放棄 生命的尊嚴 Never give up the dignity of life[music] 用愛的名義發一個誓言 Make an oath in the name of love[music] 永不放棄 愛的信念 Never give up your belief in love[music] 用愛的名義發一個誓言 Make an oath in the name of love[music] 永不放棄 生命的尊嚴 Never give up the dignity of life